My Pince-Nez, the chain I made for it, and all my glasses ever (frameless hard bridge pince nez)


This video details my hard-bridge pince-nez, made by CW Titus in New Brunswick, Canada. The glasses go back a very long time and I’m not entirely sure when these were made but the design was becoming very rare even at the turn of the 20th century. The glasses support themselves by using a spring system embedded in between the lenses in the bridge to pince (pinch) the nose, hence it’s namesake. Although the pinching system isn’t very effective for anything other than the most tame of situations as they are very quick to fall off one’s face.

The tendency for falling off is why I put together the chain that part of this video focuses on. The chain was made by repurposing a necklace from Dollarama that roughly matched the coloring of the bridge on the glasses. Sticking one of the rings through the small hole in the pince-nez and another through a safety pin created a system near-certain to keep the glasses safe from impact shattering from a six foot fall.

This particular style of pince-nez is called a “hard bridge” style because the bridge of the glasses is… well… hard, firm, does not move. It is the style that uses little springs to pinch the nose rather than the elasticity of the bridge metal to pinch the nose.


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  1. P.S. Stores like Hobby Lobby should have small clips in a similar gold finish with small jewelry loops attached in their jewelry/crafting section. They should be inexpensive and you could then clip the chain onto your collar. Alternatively you could get a metal bar with chain-loop that rests inside a shirt collar button-hole, with the chain coming out of the button-hole. Looking up pocketwatch chains may give you even more ideas.

  2. Hi. I don't see the eBay store link. Is it still active? Also (perhaps a silly question), are these prescription lenses? Cool video!

  3. What a lovely video. I googled the name because I saw it in a book and wanted to know how they look like. I did not expect such a warm little video

  4. I have A similar pair of pince nez more resembling Theodore Roosevelt’s ones and mine didn’t come with the chain either and I have one and it goes good with the character of the glasses and your point is right pince nez glasses have more character

  5. Try I found actual reading pince nez there that don't look stupid

  6. Thanks for the correct pronunciation 👌🏽French words do not follow any phonetic vowel scheme of English words and it drives me crazy. 😅 ponz nay = pince nez 🤔🙄

  7. you can find cases from the era, they are made of leather covered metal. Great for carrying them around without concern of breakage

  8. Beautiful glasses, and great job fitting them with a chain. I like them so much more than the pince-nez ones you can get at Vino & York, because the latter require you to look at a downward angle. However, I wonder if it'll be possible to find such glasses with prescription lenses. You mentioned you bought the glasses to make a fashion statement, however there's another reason to use pince-nez: when I use headphones, my ears get squished between the headphones and my glasses' handles, and it hurts. With pince-nez this can be avoided.

  9. Vint and York actually manufacture pince nez eyeglasses that have prescription lenses.

    I'm 52, and things are getting a bit blurry, but I don't want to wear glasses, and I don't like the cord you can attach to regular glasses. Flexsee makes modern pince nez reading glasses, as do ComSafe, Seeoo and Nannini.

    And it looks like the ComSafe and SeeOoo can hold prescription lenses if one is so inclined.

    I use the ComSafe and Flexsee versions at work every day, and I am in customer service, so I get a lot of feedback. People love them.


  10. I'm thinking about buying a pince nez but I'm worried they might look weird on me. I did buy me some ThinOptics which are new style of pince nez. Have you had any people say anything bad about you wearing them?


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