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  1. Adrix the content creator on paladins noted that maybe having high number of friends (seems that friend requests also count as friends) affected his delay and fps

  2. yo i know too many ppl who experience the ability cancel with maeve, like, you press your button for pounce or prowl, but the game doesn't even do it, yet still eats up the ability, hirez really needs to focus on the bugs players are bothered by, not the ones that no one even knew existed.

  3. I find it so amazing how kami can just duble dagger an enemy maeve watch her pounce into the air… he pounces and kills her while getting a tripple kill and yet he maintains the Casual Kami face!…. if that was me… I would have ended up dead…. because I would be screaming "OMG did you see what I just DID?!?!?!" and I would be standing still in spawn for about 5-10 seconds while maintaining a screaming voice!

  4. Anyone can tell me how mal damba stun? And is he worth buying if I’m new player? (I’ve only been playing for 9 days)

  5. Hey. Do anybody knows why after yesterday's update i can't even turn on Paladins? Do anybody has or had same problem? What did You do?

  6. A good maeve is waay more dangerous than a talus.. I can just cripple talus with inara if he gets close or stun him with Khan. But Maeve never gets close and even when she does shen can just double jump and get out of cripple.

  7. It might take skill to hit your targets but not that much skill to run away with her, plus sometimes you can just snipe with her. They should maybe lower her range and make the daggers have a drop off damage or just less range so that you can't just sit back and snipe as if you were a backliner.


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