Lost Planet 3 – All T-Post Locations (Master Planter Trophy / Achievement Guide)

There are a total of 6 T-Posts in Lost Planet 3. Finding all Posts will earn you the Master Planter trophy / achievement. You will have to plant the first post in Hanneman’s Basin automatically during a main mission. It cannot be missed. After that you need to wait until later in the game (before going past the point of no return) to reach all the other posts. Most of them cannot be reached right away when you enter an area for the first time. So wait until the end of the game before searching them. You will also have the option to fast travel then. Upgrades like the magnetic hook are necessary, but will also be obtained automatically during the storyline.



#1 – Hanneman’s Basin – 0:05
#2 – Shackleton’s Peak – 0:31
#3 – Bishop’s Wake – 1:15
#4 – The Killing Fields – 1:43
#5 – Pickett’s Folly – 2:13
#6 – Bailey’s Crossing – 2:58

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