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  1. 13 Reasons Why is awful imo but beside that, it's honestly just dangerous, and the creators talked to experts who said what they were showing and telling was dangerous and they just did it anyway, blows my mind that there are 3 seasons.

  2. kami is soooo much better than frostfangs… frost fangs tries to talk fast to cover the fact that most of his explanations are superficial

  3. Hey kami if you are reading this I have a really fun build ide like to share and would love to see you put it to the test. Using Skye I have a custom build I like to call the infiltrator.
    Load outs:
    Healing vapors 5
    Dissipate 2
    Decrepify 2
    Victory rush 3
    Quick smoke 3
    Talent preference for build:
    Ps I hope anyone who tries this enjoys. It may take some fancy foot work to pull off but it is well worth the pay off. Hope you like it

  4. You burn out Kami, I assume you need to take a break from Paladins otherwise it may result in you loosing any motivation in making videos

  5. I feel that tank player must be really good because you're responsible for the first line, you are the damage sponge but you can't just rush to the enemy, and you still have to protect your allies with shields, cc and what not. If a tank isn't good, it's harder to come back.

  6. Lol was playing against a good Kinessa the other day, I didn't like my team comp so I figured I'd practice with Zhin.
    Team got so mad @ me telling me to flank her but the team itself couldn't even kill other enemies in my way to her and we got melted and ofc none of them felt it was their fault.

  7. Kami you should try getting a 50 kill streak with Nessa! I did it once and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do


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