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Jerma archived The Coin Game (The original title of this stream was “I only need to save up $4000 worth of tickets to get the PS4”, and was originally streamed/recorded on July 11th 2019)

(Note: This channel is not run by Jerma, just a couple of fans wanting to archive the streams for a later date, and just for the community of fans.)

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  1. Hey Everyone, sorry for being so late with this one. This took a lot of time to render the 3 vods together and upload, then having to do it again because a song blocked it worldwide didn't help. Anyway, enjoy.

    Game Starts 3:54

  2. oh my god i fell asleep to this and woke up in the middle of the night to him talking about banning people he fuckin got me bro

  3. Jerma talking about the coin game giving real money.. Is that not a thing in America? I remember when I was a kid (UK) I did that shit every time I was on holiday (in the UK, still). It was fun going in with like £1 and doubling/+ my money because people got annoyed with them and just left a bunch of coins hanging over the edge lmao.
    Though I did then waste pretty much all of that money after because fucking air hockey games are absurdly expensive in those shitty places.

  4. If I were friends with Jerma IRL and he said he wanted to do something “one more time” I would just save myself some time and go home

  5. Psychopathic streamer screams and yells at his audience while crying over not getting enough points on chicken game to win a boom box

  6. Man fact mon(sun)day: when a man is talking about a number, his first instinct is to lie and double the number for no reason.
    “How much water have you had?”
    “Ah, 2 cups.”
    >Has only had one cup

    (Happens a lot more often than you would think)

  7. Never seen anyone turn a fun arcade game into a horror game that fast. Immediately runs out of gas in the bottom of the ocean, with only a flashlight and no sense of direction.

  8. I believed the comments when I saw him play the bird game for 50 minutes. I know Jerma can go all the way if he feels the need. But I really did believe easily he’d play the same thing for 10 hours no problem.

  9. 15 minutes in a goofy game about being a kid enjoying the arcade, it's already a horror game with Jerma stranded in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by darkness with nothing but a flashlight and a nerf gun to protect himself
    ''What's that noise?''


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