JAILOR GONE BAD | Town of Salem Vampires Gamemode


~ Town of Salem coven is back with Grunkle’s fun vampires based gamemode. Coven takes on mafia takes on vampires in this one! I’m a Jailor gone rogue as the vampires fight to gain a majority against a surprise Random Town role.

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  1. Okay, so this happened all when i was 2 years old. My mom, for the first time ever, was leaving me and my 5 year old sister in the hands of my father while she went on a trip to texas for my aunt's baby shower. My dad and his friend were talking business, while my older sister was playing outside. You see, she had read a book about dinosaurs, and wanted to search for her own. She took my dad's large, adult shovel and began to dig around in the back yard. Little 2 year old me wanted to play, so i walked up to her. She threw the shovel back, which hit me directly under the eye. Blood went everywhere, and i was told that my dad believed that i lost an eye. Instead of going to the hospital, he dealed with it on his own

  2. Stabbed by sk, incinerated by arsonist, killed by mafia, poisoned by poisoner, drained by Coven Leader, bitten by a vampire, mauled by a werewolf, commited suicide, obliterated by Pestilence Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
    (Edit: Killed by a Veteran, Shot by a vigilante, killed by the potion master, killed by the Necromancers ghoul, executed by the jailor, ambushed by the ambusher, hexed by the hex master, plundered by a Pirate, killed by the Trapper)
    Or for short…

    Can we add "Yeeted by the Yeet Master"?

  3. Let's claim to be the Jailor as a vampire!
    TwoPercentSkimm was slaughtered last night
    "Controlled by a witch, Drained by a Coven Leader, Attacked by a mafia, Staked by Vampire Hunter"

  4. Game: Your target was too strong.
    You: Okay then.
    Game: Get dominated by a witch!
    You: Oh damn.
    Game: Got killed by a mafia member BTW.
    You: Whoa wtf? Okay that's coincidental.
    Game: Ya got stalled by the vampire hunter ya visited.
    You: Wow.
    Game: Your life force was drained by the Coven Leader.
    You: Chill, seriously.
    Game: You Are Dead.
    You: YA THINK? Couldn't tell.

  5. It wouldn't have been a draw. If the cl was voted up it would be a town win. Vigi shoots the pm at night. If he heals himself he just gets voted up the next day. If he kills he still gets killed anyway. Town would've won if the cl was voted up.

  6. If I'm mayor I claim n1 it might be stupid but j can have a by or trans on me and late game the jailor will just jail me then I go aggressive pushing sheriff invest claims done it last game and got 3 evils in a row next game I got shot by a witches vigi from the location for where I was transported

  7. I've gotten really good at Hidden Role games (specifically Town of Salem) and I like to think that watching this channel helped with that lol

  8. My dad told me when i was a toddler that i went into the engine of an 18 wheeler (Big truck, mack) if i was in this game i would of called myself 'Turning Black' xD

  9. Oh you know what pisses me off? I was the jailor on all any and was killed by mafia and disguised as,I was prepared for this and left my full username I used in my will,three people knew immediately I was disguised as and guess what? They didn’t vote for the disguiser (night 2) and the mafia won because the disguiser live for half the game and then the SK killed them because they knew for sure they were maf

  10. Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now. Not sure if I spelled the name right, so correct me if I'm wrong. It's been a long time.


  12. Jonathan Corwin is my favourite childhood story. It's about Jonathan Corwin doing Jonathan Corwin things. So nostalgic.

  13. Haha, that triple kill on you though, that's something you don't see everyday. Only thing that would have made it better was if there was a Juggernaut, WW, or SK that killed you as well.

  14. Aw, I think you're good at this game. Especially as a Jailor. Sure you make mistakes sometimes but everyone does.

  15. Hey Skimm! I think Big Bad Wolf didn’t die as you were controlled by a Coven Leader and the Coven Leader controlled you into the The Vampire Hunter, because it’s says that You were staked by the Vampire Hunter you visited.

  16. I played a game where i was jailor in a costom game and there were vamps we hung the second to last vamp (3 town 2 vamps) and the other vamp decided to ruin my game and turn me vamp where they hung me because no jailed targets. It sucked they ruined it

  17. Do you still stream on Twitch? Twitch is the main platform of entertainment I usually go to but I don't mind watching videos 🙂

  18. Just played a game. I was exe. Mafia attacked me but I was saved by BG. Claimed sheriff and won the next day.


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