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Ever heard of brow pinching? Well today, Ella Dove is trying it out. This Ayurveda inspired treatment is said to help with puffiness, dark circles, and totally zens you out. Watch to find out more about this treatment, which you can actually try on yourself at home! #browpinching #whatthewellness #wellandgood

You can visit the BBB Brow Bar at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC! Check out their website here:

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  1. I would’ve fallen asleep and not even know that boss is calling me to resume with the video. Truly nice video.

  2. Pity the lady that was being massaged couldn't stop talking during the treatment. Irritating voice inadvertent with the calmness that such a technique should bring. Hard to watch because of that. Suggest you do another video and change the model.

  3. My Indian grandma would do this for us when we were younger. You can also pull back skin to click it as well as special hair strands on the head lol. These people know alotta shie

  4. Marm ko marma bana diya it took 1 min to understand what is Marma though I knew Hindi and the meaning of Marm!

  5. this is great and all, looks really relaxing, but toxins do not build up around your eyes. it's called fluid retention

  6. Here in India we all have habit of doing massage of our own body. In childhood it is our Moms, Grandmoms who do massage to a child. When we become adult, we ourselves do our massage after having bath. So this automatically becomes our habit..

  7. Indian culture is rich 🥰 we got alot from it especially health & wellness related concepts like yoga, massages, herbs treatments, chakra (energy things), etc. Every time I discover something new which is came from east!!!

    I should visit India one day 😂

  8. girl: walking into treatment with perfect eyes
    treatment lady: so this is for your dark circles, wrinkles (….)
    me: huh?


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