I never knew this about PINE CONES…


Pine Cones are everywhere in the Sierra Nevada foothills where we live. We use them in our wood stoves as kindling, but I’ve never really stopped to think about what they really are, what their purpose is or why they’re so dang sharp. Today, I learned more than any one person should about the common Pine Cone. Turns out they’re actually very interesting.

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  1. Also, you can make a very tasty and healthy syrup out of them if you harvest the young red-ish cones, it's something that's done only in parts of Romania from what I know, the syrup can help with sore throats and colds being high in vitamin C.

  2. Pine trees have been around for over 400 million years, We have 3 billion base pairs of sequential information in our DNA, a pine tree has 200 billion. The cones grow in a double Fibonacci spiral.

  3. The ones you had open up seed fallen out .we found one in nZ as big as rugby ball any ideas what it is.yes hence reason it oprned up in front of fire dropped seeds.strp dad plsnted it.would tweezers workwe got it in 1983-4then in 1993,-4it let its seeds out.ten xesrs.

  4. This was funny and great❤️I use the pine cone analogy in my work with hair cuticles Frizzy when open and frizz free when closed and moist 🌀❤️

  5. A Presentation reprasenting of your Crown Chakra


  6. You’re SO fun!!! I love your video editing skills, your B-roll shots, and the integrated bloopers. Very entertaining…subscribed.

  7. Your shots are too light-saturated and out of focus. I'm guessing that this is a style because I see it everywhere. I'm not sure where this started but it does not look good; like the beginning of a dream sequence in a 90s movie.

  8. oh my gosh you made me laugh…my girls are learning about pinecones for their nature class and i think this will be fun.

  9. I noticed this, when I put open pine cones into my aquarium. After a couple of days, they absorbed the water, closed, and sank. Never knew that before 😊🌲🍦

  10. You forgot the most interesting fact. The Pine cone was used as the symbol for our Pineal Gland by ancient civilisations, as in Sumerians, Egyptians, at a time where they should not have known, we don't even know now, only a few, but they knew exactly what it was thousands of years ago. Please watch 'The secrets of the Pineal Gland' – full

  11. heres some interesting facts about pinecones that ive only recently found out, if you hold it pointy side up and count the spirals going to the left there will be 8 then if you count the spirals going right there will be 13 then if you count two of the rows starting from the bottom when you reach the middle stem on top youll be at 21, so just like most other things in nature the fibonacci sequence is visible, it blew my mind when i figured this out……1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377,600


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