How to Reset & Unlock Sony Xperia Z Ultra


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You can easily Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z Ultra android mobile here. You can also unlock Sony Xperia Z Ultra phone when you forgot the password.

In this video, you can learn how to reset Sony Xperia Z Ultra android phone in different ways.

Video Contents
How to Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z Ultra.
Reset Sony Xperia Z Ultra without password.
Unlock Sony Xperia Z Ultra Android phone.
Reset Sony Xperia Z Ultra with Google Find My Device.
Wipe/delete data on Sony Xperia Z Ultra.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra format when forgot password.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra bypass google account protection.

Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Power off your mobile, By holding the Power button.
Press and Hold Volume Down Button and Power Button.
When you see the Recovery mode on screen, release all the buttons.
Select Factory Reset, Using Volume Buttons and confirm with Power button.
Finally, Choose YES option.
The device will Reset and Restart.

Reset with Code

Switch on your Sony xperia Device
Go to phone’s dialer and type in #7378423##
From the menu which shows up on the Screen select option Customization Settings and then Reset Customization
Confirm information Data will be cleared and factory data reset will perform.
At the end accept that by tapping Reset customization and reboot

Reset with Google Find My Device

First, open official Google Find My Device link.
Next, Log in with the Google account on any other mobile or Computer.
There will be three different options available such as Play Sound, Secure device and Erase device.
Click on Erase device option.
Next, You will see Erase all data menu.
Then Tap on the Erase option.
Reset done on your mobile.

Reset from settings

Power on your Sony Xperia Z Ultra, by holding the power button.
First open settings menu.
Next, Find option System.
Afterward, Select Factory data reset option.
Next, Select option Reset device or Reset Phone.
Finally, Choose to option Erase everything.


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