How To Play PS3 ISO Games Off USB/HDD! (multiMAN)


Hi guys, Tech James here,

For this video, I’ll show you guys how to play/install PS3 ISO game backups off a USB or Hard Drive! You can play the game off the USB/HDD, but I always prefer copying it to the internal PS3 HDD for a better gameplay experience!

This video is for educational purposes only.

➤ (How To Install multiMAN):


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  1. Bro, this video doesn't show any ISO format game. I think you used the word ISO the same way as you use the term backup game, which is not the same thing. A back up game could either be ISO, PKG, or game folder format. What you have here is a game folder format, and I'm specifically looking for how to install an ISO format game.

  2. Ok so I got the ISO file of a game (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven but the game has also another folder. The emulator had no problem with the file). It looked exactly like yours (with the three folders and co.). When I did that copy thing it created an ISO image. When I refreshed it wasn't "duplicated" like in your case. When I plugged out the USB stick it disappeared completely. In the PS3 home it isn't here and yet the space has been used for something. The folder you were in contains the ISO to the game but not the folder like in your case. I'd really appreciate some help since this is my last hope to play the one game I want to play so desperately.. 😀

  3. This isn't an ISO game and this isn't an ISO tutorial, the game was in folder format and you don't paste ISO games in the GAMES folder you paste them into PS3ISO, please correct your entire video because it is raw clickbait 🤦

  4. Do I need to keep the usb stick in to play the games because I downloaded the games to my ps3 hard drive and when I load it using multiman it loads but there is just a black screen and when I push the ps button it asks if I want to quit game. When I load it from the usb stick it play's just fine.

  5. Tech James I tried every method out there I think and nothing worked but then I came cross your tutorial and BAM! worked liked a charm. The only downfall is that it takes 1 1/2 hrs. to copy to my ps3 hdd but nevertheless I'm gonna continue to use this method for every iso game I find. Thank you so much(btw) will this work for PSN,PS1 and PS2 iOS's?

  6. For everyone having difficulty: Try placing your ISO game inside the "PS3ISO" file, seems like it worked just fine for me. Following this tutorial step by step made me feel like a retard since I've done this many times with PS2 games.

  7. You make a mistake I want Usb Version its like not working because you have been installed the hard drive that bionic but you installed in flash and if i unplug the flash it will not work the game anymore?

  8. I followed every step but I realize that the game I want yo play (borderlands 2) in the disc icon does't appear the name of the game and shows the word "install" instead. Then I press X and start installing but after this no more, I can't play the game, please help me finding out what it could be the error.


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