How to Make Wood Texture


Learn how to create amazing wood texture with fire and a wire brush. All you need is a propane torch, a wire brush, and 0000 grade steel wool.

Step 1) Burn the wood with a propane torch. For a reclaimed wood/driftwood-look burn it until it’s black.

Step 2) Brush of the charcoal to your liking with a steel wire brush.

Step 3) Use some fine grade (0000) steel wool to bring out extra shine

Step 4) Finish it with lacquer or oil.

In the video I use regular construction grade spruce, other woods will produce different results.

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  1. Nice look. I am thinking that it would look good with faux beams. To speed things up maybe a rotary wire brush on a drill or grinder would remove the burned wood. Or even pressure wash it after burning?

  2. This is actually a technique that is very old from Japan called ‘Shou Sugi Ban’. It very cool finish, nicely done!

  3. A brilliant idea! This technique is actually more environmentally naturalistic. It brings out the raw rustic beauty of wood! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Dieter.


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