How To Make A Facebook Avatar Sticker 2020 Facebook Update NEW FEATURE


In this #GlamUpYourBusiness Social Edition I am sharing How To Create A Facebook Avatar Sticker

This new feature gives you the option to create your very own avatar – with customizing options like face shape, skin tone, hair style, eye shape, nose shape and much more! Their wardrobe selection are a bit limited, but this new feature will allow you to add personality to your Facebook Stories, comments and more.

If you want to create your Avatar, follow these simple steps (before you get started make sure you have the latest Facebook version update) The easiest way to create your AVATAR is on Mobile :

1. Go to the menu button on the bottom right hand corner – three horizontal lines on the bottom right hand corner when you are on the home screen.

2. Scroll down to where it says “See More” (you should see 4 colorful shape icons).

3. If the option is available for you, you should see a prompt that reads “Avatars.”

4. Get started with your customization! Select a hair style, skin tone, face and body shape, eye color, lashes, eyebrows, beard, glasses and clothing!

If later you want to make edits to your Avatar, you can tap back to the menu and update whenever and as frequently needed.

If this was helpful or you have question, let me know!

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  1. Can someone help me? I have significantly fewer stickers than my friend. Why? Or how can I add more (if that is an option at all)?

  2. I sadly can't do it. 🙁 The Facebook app has this weird glitch for me where it's not installing. 🙁

  3. I created my avatar on my mobile. I only want to change the background color but I can't get past headwear, which I don't want. I get the "no color available for headwear" message. How do I get past that?

  4. My wife has an iPhone and doesn't have the avatar on her phone , even after updating . What next? Can you help? We did everything you suggested, still no avarar?

  5. I do not have the option of even making an avatar. Not even in comments. I don't have the new facebook option either. I have been on facebook since 2009 and it doesn't get update options either.

  6. Does this only work for phones? I have tried it on my tablet and there is no avatar on my fb app. I have done everything suggested and is not here.

  7. Hello. I've just created my avayar, but I can't find where you can add a mole on the face, for example like Madonna… Can you please help? Thank you

  8. Hi do you know maybe why I don't have this option? I downloaded new Facebook restart my mobile and no option to create avatar

  9. My friend was able to put age lines on her avatar face. I can't find that choice. Please help me. Tia

  10. Hi Jess, I am in the USA. I have an Android phone and just updated FB. When I click on the smile icon in a comments, it does not give me the option to create an avatar. Do you know if it is available to Android. Thanks!

  11. Thank you Jess, excellent. Can you please share how you display your mobile screen in this video, I would love to know. Thank you again, kind regards, Helen

  12. My funny face doesn’t work under comments? Also under ad manager, I just have info on a couple of ads I ran in the past? TY for this!


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