How To Convert A PS3 Game Folder Into A PS3 ISO File! CFW/HEN Tutorial! #PS3Jailbreak #PS3Mods


Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel for today’s video I will be showcasing on how to convert a PS3 game folder into a PS3 ISO file! If you guys enjoyed this video please be sure to leave a like and subscribe to my channel for more daily tutorials just like this! Thank you all for watching!

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★ Prerequisites:

• A modded PlayStation 3 that is on Custom Firmware.
• Any PS3 game that is in a folder format.
• Latest version of Multiman or Webman.
• FileZilla FTP Client *Is the recommended way to do games being over 4GB+ in size*
• PS3 ISO TOOL V.1.98

★ Downloads/Useful Links:

➤ Latest version of Multiman:
➤ Latest version of Webman:
➤ PS3 ISO TOOL V.1.98:
➤ FileZila FTP Client:

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  1. hello why does my mw3 crash when i try to boot it up. it happens when i press r2 and triangle . it works fine offline though

  2. Hi i unpacked the .pkg file to a game folder then i wanted to make it to a iso,but the PS3_Game/PARAM.SFO data is missing do you know why

  3. I only have one file and it has a disc on is how do I get that to work on my PS3 do I just paste the file in ps3iso

  4. Dude you don't know how much I've stressed trying to figure this out, I salute you mate, that's a sub from me! 🙂

  5. So everything works but I find that every time I try to load a game I get error 8001007 or 8001006. Been pissing me off idk the only two games that work for me are far cry 4 and kingdom hearts 1.5. I've tried other games like persona and batman, they just do not load or they give me a black screen

  6. bro .. if my game usb ps3 multiman create iso then it move to ISO blank …burn it then back to ps3 its start game so its work ?l


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