How to Backup & Play PS3 Games with multiMAN for Jailbroken/HEN PS3s | FTP, USB, 4GB+ File Splitting


This tutorial aims to show you how to easily take your disc based PS3 games and back them up using multiMAN. This also covers several other methods of transferring and playing PS3 games utilizing FTP and USB storage. FTP can be used to easily transfer games to and from your PS3’s internal hard drive, USB however will require a bit more prep work. I will only be covering FAT32 formatted USB drives for this tutorial, unfortunately some PS3 games contain files larger than 4 GB which go above FAT32’s file size limitation. Due to that, I also show you how to split up any problematic files thanks to PS3Splitter. Keep in mind that any split files on your USB drive will need to be copied over to your internal drive, so be sure you have free space on your internal drive as well if you’re playing a split game from your USB drive!

This tutorial assumes you already have a console with CFW or PS3HEN installed. If you are looking to perform either modification on your console, scroll down further to find links to both a jailbreak tutorial as well as a PS3HEN tutorial here on the channel! If you would like to use another game manager such as IRISMan or ManaGunZ, you’re welcome to do so, but you will have to adapt this tutorial’s steps to the alternative game manager you choose to use your own.

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Prerequisites
1:15 – Backing Up to Internal HDD
2:27 – FTP Transfers
5:35 – Transferring Games to USB
8:27 – Splitting Games with 4GB+ Files
11:52 – Playing Games from USB
13:35 – Playing Games from Internal HDD
14:38 – Playing Split Games from USB
18:20 – Deleting Split Game Cache Data


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How to Jailbreak Your PS3 on Firmware 4.86 or Lower:

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  1. Thanks Mr. Mario for the great explanation, i had two questions, first is to possible to play the games from NAS, i installed HEN with multiman, and the second question, i had games purchased from psn before the removed the support for ps3, is it possible to backup them as i can not see them on multiman

  2. Can you still put mod menus on the game if your running it off of the USB? If so can you walk me through it?

  3. Can i ask a few questions? I am going to buy a secondhand ps3 but i am in need of money so im considering selling my old ps2. Does ps3 multiman can play ps2 games ? And if a device is jailbroken and multiman installed can you still play games like metal gear online ?

  4. 1:30 What's the difference with "copy" and "create iso"? I've seen other people who create iso instead of copying. Which one should I do to have the better quality game?

  5. Hi Mr Mario. My PS3 could not be jailbroken so I used your video to get the HEN. However, whenever I copy my games to Multiman and try to load then, they show a black screen and restart. Please help as this is the only thing left for me in this process.
    Many thanks

  6. You are incredible. I almost always run into issues when following technology tutorials. I used your jail breaking video and this. everything went perfectly. Thank you

  7. If I deleted a backup like your Painkiller, but backed up on the PC.. but want to re-install it on the PS3, how would that work? I thought this video would show that, but it did not! Appreciate the tutorials though!

  8. Hey there!
    When i try to load a game, it just jumps back to the XMB. Any ideas, anyone? I tried from the USB and after i copied it to the internal HDD, but i got the same result. (i used your tutorial to install ps3hen and mmMan).

  9. Great tutorial as usual 😀 Btw, might be worth mentioning that you can do the same process for PS1/PS2 games through multiMAN, when inserting the physical disc to the console. Kinda blew my mind when I inserted a PS2 disc, into a FAT console that originally does not have PS2 backward compatibility. Usually, when you're in the PS3 dashboard it just gives an error, saying the system is not compatible with the PS2 media.


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