HIGH ELO RANKED MATCH | MalDamba Ranked Paladins Gameplay


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  1. Man I know I'm a little late to the party but I'm catching up on these videos Kami and I've always loved your Damba gameplay. You're so good with him!

  2. The binary star pick is good at duelling the dps but it's nearly impossible to duel tiberius and nessa and giving andro luminary would have been way more worth.

  3. all these years of Paladins and I'm still impressed that Damba has animation cancels with his other abilities… Damba has a special place in my heart.

  4. That jenos didnt do enough dmg tbh. Im not bashing em but it seemed like they dont know how to play when using it :3 i use it everytime i play jenos and 90% of the time i do most dmg and i have good heals

  5. Dude please change your self camera place, like lift it up a bit or move it right. It covers important part of the video :/

  6. The nerf on jenos's card was unneeded,same for furia shield card, I think hirez is shifting those mechanic on corvus to give him attention..

  7. I remember one game like two years ago, I was Inara and the first point fight was 10 minutes, sometimes sweaty games are really really fun

  8. We've gone to a point where Kami doesn't know or even care about Paladins meta anymore. It's only a matter of time before he…

  9. Used to love and watch every vid,game kept geting better and pc kept geting worse and im literaly technologicaly poor so icant play paladins anymore 🙁

  10. Omg I am gonna cry of happiness I see a lot of mal damba players before a lot of players hated mal damba but thanks for the inspirations for the support mains

  11. I really don't understand why people are using Binary Stars, You're losing out on why Jenos is good which is Luminary, and if you don't want to run that, you can also support your team by going Power Cosmium, CC is really strong, and your team will highly appreciate the ability to get basically free kills. I really don't understand what Binary brings to the table other than a slight DPS boost and the ability to not need to reload as much.

  12. In PPC, I think it was Kuhlmatt from Selestial Esports, he once took BS Jenos on Brightmarsh and had 2nd highest dmg of the game so yeah. Binary Star is good indeed (when the dps player (!) is good enough).


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