Ganguro Girl-Saori Nako


Ganguro Girl Dating Sim flash game
Saori Nako [Standard version]
Saori info list
Name: Saori Nako
She likes: Charm and Strength
Phone number: 555-933-8117
Birthday: Jun 17
Zodiac: Gemini
Music: Pizzicato 5
Shop: Tokyu
Label: Egoist
Will stop being Ganguro at age: 20
Been to Love Hotel: Never
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Breast: 88 cm
Waist: 54 cm
Hips: 87 cm
Blood Type: AB
What she does for a living: Student
Hotel Room: R311
4 can be accessed in the demo version of Ganguro Girl, which is a little ironic she would be a simple girl who loves muscles and good looks. I actually challenged myself a little during this sped up game play. While the game encourages you to write stuff down and gives you access with a cheat book. I studied the stats off line before I played thou I already remembered most of the basic stats.
Another thing for those that wont read this in the description box and will skip to the end to see if the sex game play ending is there, nope! It’s not in this video, but I still recorded the ending and saved it for a rainy day. Still doesnt stop Youtube from taking Monetization from me for false reasons.
About Saori. Shes not over complicated to remember. One prime example for me anyway, is I remembered June 17th because it’s actually my mothers birthday. Not to mention, because of that her Zodiac Gemini. Her breast size is 88 which is one size smaller than her hips which is 87. Her Weight and Whist are 10 sides in between each other which the digits switched.
Everything is fairly basic. The only thing that changes is the day you kiss her one which you need to keep in mind at all time, because the game wont remind you and it will kill a huge chunk of dating progress if you dont remember it.
Played by Kung Pow Gaming


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