Game Maker Studio RTS Engine


This is the complete RTS engine for Gamer Maker Studio!!! It allows you to gather resources, build a town, train an army, and fight a computer opponent. You will have the ability to create your own maps using Game Maker’s Room Editor. Just replace the sprites with your own top down artwork and you will have a working Real Time Strategy game in no time! The style is very similar to Warcraft and StarCraft!

GM Marketplace Link:

Try out the DEMO:

Works on GM 2(Windows only, Mac version coming soon) and GM 1.4.


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  1. Night Raven, i have purchased your rts gamemaker kit. I am having trouble finding where you did the camera view controls for the mouse panning, im trying to implement zoom features and am having trouble finding where you decide what viewports to use and how. Thanks!!

  2. is there any way I can get this extensions without marketplace I can pay you anywhere also but not in the marketplace because says that I need gms2 paid license


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