Game Grumps – The Best of BEN THE EDITOR


hopefully posting this doesn’t allow the Ben virus into my channel to start editing fart noises into my videos THAT’S MY JOB

this was a fun nostalgia trip to make! some of you may remember what gave me my start in the GG Compilation scene (lol) was making the first Best of Barry video back in 2012, and here in 2019 we’ve got a new wild creative editor on the reins who’s all too happy to put in more work than he needs to ALL HAIL BEN

Ben does a lot of very subtle edits that are hard to represent in a compilation that removes them from context (especially the transition videos he posts for fast forwards…if I just posted all of those this would be a bunch of random unconnected third party material) so this is a celebration of his more extravagant work…but always keep an eye out because even I miss some of the little things he does!

also in researching and gathering clips for this video I ran into a lot of the Ben hate from his first week on the job which is really funny to look back on now HUFF PUFF


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  1. Guys, if you don’t like Ben then just dislike the video and go. I understand you want to spread information, but for someone like me who hates hearing about drama if you could do it elsewhere where more people are likely to agree with you that would be nice. I like Ben as an editor, and whatever else he does has nothing to do with that opinion.

  2. As much as I appreciate Ben, I miss Super Mega's edits, they always made me laugh. I also still reminisce over the good ol' days of Barry's edits.

  3. Ben is a piece of fucking shit pedophile. Do the research and promptly delete this video before it poisons your channel.

  4. ok I was already enjoying and laughing at the video… and then the flappy bird edit happened at the end and now I'm on the floor crying in laughter xD

  5. I always loved Ben's edits. Sure he was a little obnoxious at first, but he easily figured out the comedic tone the grumps have and added his own spin to it.

  6. I never really had an opinion on Ben, but I looked at his Twitter and holllyyyy shit – it's like a a 2008 teenage edgelord crawled through time.

  7. I was very skeptical when Ben joined in. How wrong I was. I should have never have doubted his genius



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