Game Boy Color Watch Unboxing | Paladone TV

90s gamers rejoice, the officially licensed Nintendo Game Boy Color Watch is finally here!

Game Boy Color Watch

Game Boy Watch

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23 thoughts on “Game Boy Color Watch Unboxing | Paladone TV”

  1. I wish the watches were a bit smaller. For smaller wrists, the GameBoy designs and the PlayStation designs look massive.

  2. I no longer have the original gameboy but I have that same GBC as you. Thats why i bought this one hehe

    Tho its covered with spongebob stickers

  3. Funny, that does sound like Mario Land World 1, but the packaging says it's supposed to play "Super Mario World" sounds.

  4. So I picked up one of these as well as the original game boy watch and I'm greatly disappointed. The quality of both pieces is atrocious. The original Game Boy watch stopped working just minutes after coming out of the box. As for the colour one, the alarm is barely audible and it keeps resetting to 12:00am every now and then and the screen is loose with poor adhesive application. These watches are good for display purposes and nothing more.

  5. Hii I was wondering how can I enter the giveaway? Also could you please make a giveaway for the Xbox light! Love your products you guys are the best


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