Far Cry 3 Stealth Walkthrough – Part 11: Bad Side Of Town


What’s better than some hilarious commentary and an awesome game? Nothing! Cowboy here bringing you a full walkthrough series for the Far Cry 3. Stealth! Action! Drama! Deaths! Sadness! It’s all here! Who needs TV when you could watch this all day and be amazed at the brutality I inflict upon the crazy pirates of Rook island. In these videos I’ll be providing you with a full walkthrough and commentary for all story missions of Far Cry 3, in addition to checking out some of the side missions along the way. Enjoy!

This video features the 11th story mission of the game, Bad Side Of Town.

Far Cry 3 Stealth Walkthrough

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All recordings are done using OBS, an Elgato HD60 Pro, and a Logitech Pro X Headset.

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Far Cry 3 Stealth Walkthrough – Part 11: Bad Side Of Town


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  1. Am I the only person who finds the poker scene in the bar hilarious? I always burst out laughing. He sits down with a bunch of strangers, some how has some chips, and then goes "all in" immediately… then the guy comes over and says "nice play" when it was a terrible play.

    He shouldn't have taken the other guys' chips either, because they folded before betting… I think Jason Brody hasn't a clue how to play Poker.

  2. They are both really good games. And far cry 3 is kind of 'skyrim but with guns.'
    I say you get both imo, if you cant then get skyrim and then try out far cry 3, skyrim is amazing

  3. There are 38 missions, not 14.

    You can do whatever you want in the freeplay, you just have to think of something creative.

    I agree with you about capturing the safehouse and the enemies magically dissapear… that kinda sucks.

  4. He's right. A good idea is to try out the most famous open-world-RPG-shooter,Fallout 3! Actually,cowboy,maybe YOU should also check it out and show us if you know the way of the Lone Wanderer!

  5. A couple questions, can you customize clothing? Also, are you able to do stealth moves with just your hands, or just have your hands out to fight, or when your just walkin around the world?

  6. skyrim is awesome, my favorite game in fact. but you should get Far Cry 3, with beautiful graphics and awesome gameplay and a grappling story, you wont regret it

  7. I hope they make some kick-ass dlc for this game. I mean its already filling enough don't get me wrong, but it'd be cool to add in more weapons, another island, etc.

  8. I have played my save for 44 hours I have explored the islands but there is still so much to do. I have completed 72% of the game and I am enjoying it.

  9. subed of course big fan nice and stelth like me if i get caught i go loud oh and u should change ur pick it looks creepy lol

  10. I have enjoyed your commentary tremendously. I was really actually laughing out loud. Great work! You're very entertaining, and an excellent gamer. Please share how you got to expand your weapon supply so soon?

  11. Thx for your opinions!i read online that this game is a little short like just 6 hours of gameplay but i guess your timing is better 🙂

  12. ? thought you had to complete tasks to get them you can check them in the handbook – can you actually go out and get them?


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