Evolution of Garry's Mod – From 2004 to 2019


Evolution of Garry’s Mod – From 2004 to 2019
This Video is On The Evolution of Garry’s Mod – From 2004 to 2019


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  1. Я строю там всякие эти предметы Ну стою огромную собаку машины и роботов

  2. GMod 2004: Spawning CSS NPCs and Weapons
    GMod 2019: Complex Wiring Death Robot of Doom and a load of different addons

  3. I Didn't know wiremod was able of building computers, i thought it was only advanced robot crap! Now i want to learn this!

  4. The first Gmod you showed isn't true, it never started it's series with Half-Life 1 stuff. The real first gmod is Gmod one, when the spawnmenu wasn't in the game.

  5. Hi man, you have one big mistake. Garrysmod didnt on goldsource engine. Your first video was from GO- MOD modification ispired by Gmod

  6. garrys mod when i was growing up which was around 2007-08 possibly 09 was when dark rp was kinda popular and there were occasions where the extremely serious which would now be the HL2RP servers which i can barely play nowadays come to think of it like 70% of servers i couldnt play cause of something retarded like not having a map anyway there was once a roleplay called "Office RP" where it was pretty much being in the CSS Office at night time and stuff and then around that timeline deathrun was first starting to come out around 10 or 11 i dont really recall but one thing i will say about gmod nowadays its plagued with vanoss wannabes and stupid bullshit but then again it kinda was like that back then but now its even worse but one thing i think we can all agree on is that most of us here in the comment section have made some amazing memories playing the game and we will always hold this game that started as a mod hence the name "Garry's mod" in our hearts somewhere maybe you seen it watching something like ITCON's "Idiots of Garry's Mod" videos or even older than that back when "Subscribe" was a yellow button back when Pewdiepie wasnt as annoying as he is now

    point is this brings back memories for alot of us whether you played it back when it literally was a mod or when you played it around the era i did all i think all we can say is "thank you Garry for such an amazing time and amazing memories….."

  7. man i remember i torrented the game and had to go to garrysmod. org for addons.
    good times.
    decided to support the devs tho and paid the 9 bucks

  8. Garry's mod is always gonna be one of my favorite games of all time! I played it ever since I was around 6 or 8 years old and it has had such an great impact on me

  9. 2:32 I think this mod is pretty educational it can help you learn about how a computer works and what kinds of parts to put in a computer and I think it’s cool that you can make something like that without spending hours making lines of code in lua script which takes forever

  10. s&box was never officially released and is now being moved from UE4 to Source 2 (at least that is the plan). you cannot play this game.


  11. I'm starting to see a pattern here
    Gmod was a mod that made into a standalone game.
    TF2 was a mod that made into a standalone game.


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