Easy Pincushion Tutorial


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This video is a cute little handmade pincushion using my fabric scraps and filled with crushed walnut shells. These are great scrap busters and gifts! I love the scrappy improvisational nature of these little pin cushions.

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Crushed Walnut Shells

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial, I made my first pin cushion today. Is there any way to make this so that the upper stich is not visible at all?

  2. I've never made a pincushion before, (My sewing level is: still using training wheels).
    Before watching this video, (& I've watched multiple), my pincushion project produced something that looked like a fabric covered bean bag with stitches showing, no less.
    After the video, I made a pincushion that looked 100% like a pincushion, (just two fabric patterns = front & back), & am quite happy with the results..
    Then, today, I made one with multiple fabrics, (like how she showed on the video), & I think I'm addicted. :).
    Thanks so much for this video!!
    P.S. I bought one of those 4.5 inch square rulers because of this video & what fun it is to use & create!!!

  3. So cleaver.  Inspired to play with scraps and make some of these to gift others. Thanks for sharing. Love your teaching style.

  4. My kids cut a hole in my store-bought pincushion. So I'm making a new one today and hoping to just use the same filler. I love the scrappy look pincushion as well as the button one.

  5. In this video, you recommend using polyfil stuffing and crushed walnut shells together to stuff pin cushions. I have tried both fillings individually, but not “mixed” together. Can you please tell me how you combine the 2 fillings? They are such different consistencies. (Using crushed walnut shells alone just feels too heavy and clunky to me). Thank you!

  6. I have learned so much from your channel and I'm so thankful I found you! I'm very new to sewing and having so much fun with it so far. I would like to ask you what cutting mat you would recommend? I'm getting ready to invest in a larger one. Thanks again! 🙂 PS I love the pincushions! I think I'm going to make a bunch up for Christmas gifts!

  7. I love this idea! I have lots of fleece scraps, 4 inch squares left over from fleece blankets. do you think fleece would work? with the button of course! thank you, subscribing!

  8. I like those little things and walnut shells! WowI have to make one -with my favorite fabrics. WonderfulMy dog got a hold of one of those "tomato" things there was something like your walnut shells in it, I just had no idea what it was. She ate a good bite ful or spilled it somewhere.Thank youBonnie

  9. I love it..but I can be a little clumsy. I know ne, and I don't want to get the grit in my top load bobbin. I'll do a mix where I put the poly fill on that last area before stitching. love your channel.

  10. The octopus caught my eye 😄 but I love the pin cushion so cute! I'm gonna give your channel a try have with many but yours has interested me.

  11. I recently came across your channel and have been binge watching a bunch of your videos as I really enjoy your teaching methods and your honesty about the pros & cons of the things you make. Thanks for being such an inspiration! (:

  12. I'm a beginner sewer and recently got a sewing machine But my mom isn't happy about all the money she has to spend on the cutter,FABRIC
    But she's also happy for me

  13. I am enjoying your sewing tutorials so much.  Thank you for the channel!  I am a crocheter, too, but I turned on my sewing machine for the very first time less than a year ago, and I love having your advice.  Your teaching style really works for me.  Great stuff and well done!


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