Easy DIY Pincushion Patterns – How to make a pincushion

If you have lots of scrap fabric lying around then why not make a cute DIY pincushion with this really simple pincushion pattern. They are great gift ideas too.

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♥ Scrap fabric
♥ Embroidery floss
♥ Basics – thread, scissors, needle.

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45 thoughts on “Easy DIY Pincushion Patterns – How to make a pincushion”

  1. I like to stuff pincushions with crushed walnut shells. They not only sharpen the pins but won’t rust them if left in too long.

  2. You could also stuff with a very fine steel wool so that every time you put in or take out pins they get sharpened.

  3. love this. Guess I will be making pincushions tonight; got lots of great scrap material! Thank you for sharing.


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