DAY ONE GUIDE! Rerolling and More! | Mobile Cardfight Vanguard ZERO w/ ShadyPenguinn


It’s feeling like a new adventure! I haven’t played Vanguard in YEARS, and Vanguard ZERO switches things up, but still feels SO much like Vanguard to me! There are a TON of good links down here, so check em out as we go through your rerolling and directing you to that GOOD INFORMATION ON YOUTUBE.

DifferentFight’s Video:




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  1. Heck naw ps2 yugioh duelest of roses with actual fighting scenes to this crap wow

    Future looking like crap
    Not hating on you man just the person that made it- i guess never had a ps2.

  2. Zam new and that intro got my azz real quick

    Was so offended and like waoooow heh
    😂😂😂😂😂😂 but subbed real quick I'm weird.

  3. I just started and am enjoying it but the only issue is that my phone seems to be getting really heated up when playing this so I’m worried I might be burning my phone out for this.

  4. I know that this is a little over 2 months but I think the perfect guards or aka sentinels work is whenever you have 5 damage and a unit attacks your vanguard with a unit that has enough power to do a point of damage to you! At least I am sure that is how it works however I am not sure if perfect guards trigger earlier than 5 damage if like for example you are at 4 damage and before your opponents vanguard attacks it has 2 critical meaning it will do 2 damage if it has more power than your vanguard when it attacks before checking for triggers because I think once you start checking for grade 3 triggers the perfect guards will not trigger they only trigger before your opponents drive checks if being attacked by the vanguard or when you have 5 damage if attacked by a rear guard!

  5. Thank you for this video! I re rolled over and over it had to been at least 20 times I finally was able to get not only 6 but I ended up getting 2 more from the gems so I got a total of 8 RRR!!!

  6. Sick seeing you playing Vanguard! I've been playing the cardgame for a few years now, you should definitely check out the newest Stuff, it's really fun!

  7. I’ve honestly never heard of this game and it looks hella confusing but also kinda fun so hoping I can learn from your videos and get into it

  8. I just had a thousand flashbacks to me back in middle school and playing this game and how I was sad that I had to stop because I moved and there was no one who played in my area. This made me so incredibly happy.

  9. I play angel feathers hope they have at least up to hermieres I will own. Sad about the intercepts though :/. Is there pvp? Aaaand the trigger cards killed it for me so far, hopefully that was just a bad description.

  10. I got into Vanguard when I was in high school back in 2014 to 15. I remember I couldn’t wait to get a job to buy my own decks and make them awesome instead of using a deck my friend gave to me of all commons and by the time I graduated, Vanguard vanished in my town. Might have to download this for a trip down memory lane.

  11. I dont know, i just think that this game requires no skill and the luckiest one is going to be the winner, no strat at all, the one with the triggers and grades 2 will win. Dont get me wrong, im enjoying the game but prefer the og mechanics.

  12. yooo you played duelist of the roses. Thats myy gaaaaaammeee. Vs yorkists and Vs Lancastrians are best osts ever.

  13. I have played Cardfight vanguard the physical version since 2012. Enjoy it I will love to follow your adventure. Vanguard is amazing! My favorite hobby.

  14. Guys I can't get a full screen view on my vanguard zero , the upper and lower edge of the game is cut ,, please help ,,,, please help

  15. Shady not gonna lie I was really pumped to get this game because I never got to play vanguard during season 1 and watching you play I'm pumped for this series.

  16. Shady actually played CFV way back in the day, goddamn, I remember starting just before DOTE dropped in the US (like a few weeks)
    Been an aqua main since 2013, so I'm dumb hyped for that to come to this
    Plus Tom is more like how his OG skill would have worked in standard (the reboot), PGs (there are more sentinels now like quintet walls, which call the top 5 from deck to GC, and soon just crits with buffed out shields) as of late have been on draw triggers

    YOOOOOOOO HOLD UPPP YOU KNOW CHUDDY?!? I HAVENT SEEN HIM IN YEARS. Which means you probably knew Muir, Chris, Romano, and by tried to make Spikes good are you referring to my boi Hefets?

  17. Man this is awesome. I’ve been obsessed with vanguard for years but have had no one to play with in my home town. I am so excited to get into this game. Can’t wait for gold paladin and narukami to come out.

  18. OK in 2010 vanguard came out and I'm hyped! for this game and u paying it :D, its different rules but not too different :3


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