Daily English speaking practice | Use of Take with a pinch of salt | Advance structure of English.


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  1. She can’t do it needs her of some people but she takes anyone a pinch of salt.
    Now that Imran Khan’s government but peoples of Pakistan have take him a pinch of salt.
    (Sir Mein ne kuch sentences k baray mein kaha tha

  2. when he talks then he keeps on talking. When she laughs then she keeps on lauging make a vedio on this structure

  3. To my goodness.i was carried away while watching this video.i really appreciate your work.we are indebted to you and we learn ins and outs of English from you .some times idioms are tricky but there is no fear as long as your channel is here.have a nice day

  4. you should take her with a pinch of salt.आपको उसे एक चुटकी नमक के साथ लेना चाहिए। Aap ke sentence galat h

  5. Alam ji, english bolne wale aksar you know, you know baar bolte jate hain, fluently english bolne k liye kya baar baar you know bolna chahiye ??? Jaise : there was a match between india and West Indies, you know, rohit played well, and, you know india scored big total, you know middle order batsmen……etc. ye 'you know' k significance ko jarur samjhaiye please. Thanks


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