CUBBO!! Unboxing the STRONGEST Teddy Bear EVER! | Bakugan Battle Planet


The sweet-but-sassy bear Cubbo is unboxed by Ventus Knight in this official Bakugan Battle Planet unboxing video! Watch the Haos Bakugan Core toy Cubbo fold, roll, and pop open on the official Bakugan YouTube Channel!
The most adorable of all the Bakugan (also the most obnoxious). Cubbo is a fierce personality trapped in a super-cute Bakugan shell. Cubbo is Haos and is partnered with Lia. She saw past his prickly temperament and recognized his potential. He prefers to avoid major battles but once engaged, he uses unorthodox abilities to compensate for his size.

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Spin Master Ltd. is reigniting the brawling excitement of “BAKUGAN”, the global phenomenon that captured kids imaginations a decade ago, with the launch of a newly-evolved anime series, innovative toy line, card game and mobile app. Building on the brand’s rich heritage and fan-base, the long-awaited relaunch promises to be one of the largest and most dynamic legacy franchises across the globe.

The anime adventure series, “BAKUGAN Battle Planet”, launches in North America on Cartoon Network on Sunday, December 23, 2018 and combines the essence of Japanese-anime with progressive computer-generated animation for a powerful viewing experience for kids. Each episode follows a boy named Dan and his group of friends as they forge relationships with mysterious alien creatures known as BAKUGAN. The series will also be available in early 2019 in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, and on Teletoon in Canada.

“The original BAKUGAN captured the hearts and minds or millions of children around the world,” said Ronnen Harary, Co-Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO of Spin Master. “We’ve reimagined the entire franchise, carefully maintaining the essence of what enchanted kids ten years ago, with modern entertainment, new toy technology and heightened strategic play,” said Ronnen Harary, Co-Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO of Spin Master. “As a company that pushes the boundaries of innovation, we’ve designed the expanded BAKUGAN line with exciting features that will inspire an entirely new generation of children to watch, collect and battle.”

Fans can immerse in the world of BAKUGAN with extended content, sneak peeks and 90-second character webisodes, which introduce each BAKUGAN and their abilities, available online at and on YouTube. Spin Master will further extend the BAKUGAN experience with the launch a new integrated toy line and trading card game in January 2019 at major retailers. Appealing to a wide range of skill levels, the game brings revolutionary card play for a heightened battling experience. From enhanced technology that transforms each of the marble-like balls into multiple collectible characters when rolled over a magnetic card, to lifelike details on each of the 100 characters, brawlers can bring the BAKUGAN characters they see on screen to life.
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BAKUGAN Ultra give you the power to make the fierce BAKUGAN creatures perform even more epic transformations. By rolling them across the metal BAKUCores, these deluxe BAKUGAN will leap into battle and pick up a BAKUCore revealing its hidden power.

BAKUGAN Starter Pack 3-Pack includes two epic BAKUGAN, one mighty BAKUGAN Ultra, six powerful BAKUCores, collectible character cards and ability cards – everything you need to get the battle started.

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