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  1. Kami, I've had a really bad couple of weeks. Someone pulled out in front of my wife and our car totaled, we got a used car with the insurance check immediately cuz it was our only vehicle and a deer ran in front of me the next day so we have to repair our bumper, my dog was sleeping under a truck and got her leg shattered and we have to get it amputated, and on top of it all my son has been very vocally grumpy because he's cutting another tooth. It's a lot, but thanks for keeping content coming so I have something to distract myself whenever I get a chance to breath. Both here and on KamiGG. I don't play Paladins anymore because some kind of issues kept me from entering games for months, and I'm console so I don't play Valorant, but watching you stay positive through toxicity and making stupid jokes to get laughs has helped tremendously.

  2. @KamiVS correct me if I'm wrong but I believe kill to heal is the green item to go, because it's uncauteriseable and also gets triggered on assists. Lvl3 means 900hp flat hit 2 people near their death and ur almost full hp 🙂

  3. is it only me that gets bothered when kami speaks through the time he is supposed to buy items and then he just waste 3 seconds to buy items before going out of spawn?

  4. I downloaded this game today but im stuck on the final download thing. It says i don't have one of the pre requisites. How do i fix this?

  5. @KamiVS
    I've been wondering, why should Skye's ult have a directional indicator placed on your screen? Think about everyone's ultimate and then think about Skye's ult.

  6. Kami u can actually go to settings and change the chat to default one.I forgot the name but there is an option to set vgs back how it was.VVGL

  7. This is a question to Kami or any other cassie pros. is it worth it to have healing on a roll when playing exaction. I figured since you are going to be rolling all the time it would be nice to have a bit of self sustain.


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