CASSIE IS INSANE | Ranked Paladins Gameplay


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  1. I wish her pet bird played more of a role. Like, seriously, the developers couldn't come up with some other creative use beyond the scouting Ult? It could even be an aesthetic, not even a gameplay change – like have it where your dash is helped by the bird.

  2. My game is so smooth and my graphics are all max but my mouse at some points just glitch out and it locks on one point and i cant look anywhere.Anyone know how to fix that?

  3. Hey Kami, I just recently moved to PC and was wondering if there were any tips you could give me on improving my aim through mouse and keyboard. Maybe some warm up i can do, a side game designed to help with aim, or if its all just trial and error in building muscle memory over time. P.S. Thanks for all the great content. i have been enjoying your videos for a while now and plan to stick around thanks to your goofy yet insightful personality.

  4. I think I'm gonna start using Cassie as my DPS
    I main Io
    Inara is the only tank I have other than Ruckus and I don't like him
    And I'm working on deciding between Evie, Skye, and Maeve for flank

  5. I just hope valorant doesn't replace too much of your paladin's gameplay. I know it can get stale to play one game for years and years.

  6. Valiant is ok to watch, but it's basically cs. It's going to be flavor of the month like tarkov, and then did off. Streamers are pushing it hard is all.


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