Arcade Game: Vanguard (1981 SNK)


A side-scrolling shooting game.

Shoot down enemies with your laser. Keep a close eye on your ever decreasing fuel gauge, luckily each enemy that you destroy will add to your remaining fuel. Find the energy pods to be temporarily invulnerable), the energy pods will also increase your fuel level. At the end of each level you must defeat a boss that is guarded by two moving force fields with holes in them. The computer will then announce the name of the next zone using some nifty early 80’s synthesized speech. The different levels include Mountain Zone, Rainbow Zone, Styx Zone, Rainbow Zone 2, Stripe Zone, Rainbow Zone 3, Bleak Zone, and the City of Mystery.

Note: The game is endless. After levels starts to repeat, I killed myself afterwards. Infinite lives cheat was used in this game.


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  1. I remember this classic in the video store around the corner from my house. Good old days! Here in the UK in the '80s we also had great arcade machines in some fish and chip shops. Anyone remember those times?

  2. Even the Ferrell's Doughnut cafe has a VG arcade game machine, as well as a candy vending machine game booth.

  3. My grandfather had one of these in his basement alongside a pac-man and a broken tempest and breakout game. To this day I have no idea why he had them.

  4. I was at the tender age of 15 or so when this came out; rather than talk to the chicks at the ice cream shoppe, I would play this instead, LOL. I loved the 2-D scroll with the 4 fire buttons. This, Galaga & Gorf (a "greatest hits" type of game) were my favorite. A few years later, at the tail end of my collegiate days. I got back into video games with a similar game, R-Type. For the longest time, I thought the song for the energy mode was original to this game and not by Queen for the movie "Flash Gordon", LOL.

  5. OMG that memories, it was my favorite arcade. I was barely 10, after school I put all my coins in it. Frankly, I'm nostalgic …


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