Android Gaming – Planet Master (MistGame) Overview


A look and brief tutorial on the Android Game Planet Master developed by Mist

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0:00 Introduction
5:35 Resources
6:52 Reset And Gas
8:07 Notifications, Save, Load
10:03 Ammo / Warp Cannon
11:02 Quests
11:59 Buffs
12:54 Exploration / Ads
14:12 Battleship Indicator
14:30 Globe Icon
15:10 Planet Icons
16:45 Girls / Planets
19:25 Satelite Girls
20:33 Battleship Girls
22:25 Cube Girls
23:10 Skill Trees
24:52 Store
26:30 Tips for Veterans
30:40 Tips for Non-Spenders

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  1. New game "Stella Maiden" from MIST is due in March. Just a heads up! I'll be covering it launch week whenever it happens to be.

  2. What happens when you reset the galaxy without preserving it? Will the girl levels and planet levels reset as well as well.

  3. Loved the video. It's a bit out of date with some of the changes, and it didn't show me how to unlock other weapons besides powering up the base (which I think is a newer feature), but I still found it quite useful. And damn, I'd been ignoring my cube girls!

  4. How do I know if I'm ready for the mothership? Right now I can have a max of 40 rounds and they do 48 dmg each. Also the "Entrance to Quasar" doesn't give me the mothership warning, was it moved?

  5. Major changes in patch 1.10.0. Most information still relevant, but progression is much easier than before. Make sure to visit for the latest updates!

    Youtube comments getting error issues. If you don't see your comment posted; please message me directly. Thanks!

  6. Remember to check the game's Facebook for the latest updates!
    Still playing the game; if you have questions feel free to ask!

  7. I got a question I've been playing for a while, destroyed every battle ship but one and I have no idea how to get the Leiga ship to spawn. I've looked around and no wiki ever comes up for it. I know that the battle ship rotates after every ten levels from left to right but the ship Leiga never shows up since it had been added can anyone else fight that ship and get the parts or no one can do that one yet?

  8. Just got to s3. Few tips for new players. For combat max reload speed then power and for make max crystal power then mining. Unlock all the cube girls and focus only on crystal power cube girls (my polaris lvl 20 and white hole lvl 10) You will get stuck on g2 and g5 for a bit. when you are ready use the highest planet 10x acc when you ever get stuck. Also make sure that both middle and high grade buff is on. When you get to s1 it becomes very easy to climb. Just remember, Its a hunting game not a waiting game. Good luck 🙂

  9. How do i get the battleships to spawn ? Im almost at the third galaxy, i have been destroying every ship that i see but i cant get the battleships to spawn and i dont have the battleship meter on the top right of the screen.

  10. kinda interesting to see other people strategy and how they are progressing. I've found it better for me to max out reload speed, ammo and crystal output then gas. more into combat then just sitting around. try hope you get damage per touch satl.

    I was able to progress very quickly. my battle ship level 70 and mother ship 16.. battle ship timer are getting pretty close though. but I get tons of cubes. been playing for 6 days now, on and off.

  11. good job on this video, i have question about how to reset save? and start over again. because i fucked up with how i spend the cubes… i found out this video lil bit too late….. thanks

  12. Thank you so much for the video, this is like the only guide for this game.
    Another followup vid would be great.


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