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Detailed FAQ for people playing the game. Collected from Facebook questions and private messages. Please use the time-stamps below to skip to the question you need answered!

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3:45 Why can’t I connect past the MIST screen?
6:03 How do I use coupons?
11:12 Why aren’t the daily quests working?
13:32 Where is the battleship?
13:32 Where is the mothership?
15:11 What happens if the battleship timer runs out?
17:44 What happens if the mothership timer runs out?
19:25 Why don’t my resources increase when I’m away?
23:57 How is gas earned?
26:21 When should I reset my universe?
28:29 What level should my battleship be?
28:29 What level should my mothership be?
33:32 How do I advance quicker?
36:08 How do I earn a lot of cubes?
37:57 How do I unlock S1? (It’s hard)
43:23 What skills or weapons are best?

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  1. Please take a look and possibly pin =) I spent a lot of time on it some months ago.

  2. Two questions,
    1, is the game dead? I read that the battleships and motherships reset every two weeks, but it hasn't reset for me.
    2, how long does leave time take to increase?

  3. New game "Stella Maiden" from MIST is due in March. Just a heads up! I'll be covering it launch week whenever it happens to be.

  4. Major changes in patch 1.10.0. Some information still relevant, but progression is much easier than before. Make sure to visit for the latest updates!

  5. how do you unlock the extra clothing choices for girls. some i have all but the last and some i only have 1. what unlocks them. i may not buy most but its something to do. anybody know? thanks.

  6. Hey, do you know at what battleship level will i get my first BS girl? I've killed about 9 Moruga classes, but suddenly it switched to another battleship. Even though my Moruga is so close to being full. It's annoying! rawr

  7. Still playing the game, but waiting for Ver 2.0 of Planet Master to make the weapon video. Balance patches need to be applied before I can recommend any weapon other than Default / Cluster at the moment. If you have questions, feel free to ask!

  8. Well I finally was able to get 18M to unlock S1 and now the first planet there is about 100M that is insane but anyway i noticed something about the Battleships, sometimes when i didnt get to destroy them before the time limit run out after i summoned them again they would come back with about 20% more Hp than what they had when they escaped but sometimes they would just come back at full health so my question is if this is supposed to happen or if it is a bug?

  9. do you know how much ammo does the charge shot uses? I've try the disruption cannon. did not like it at all. uses 3 bullets to leave a low damage aoe dot. I felt I was better off using my basic cannon after that. I'm also wondering about the last passive for the rapid cannon. how much you get if its max out.

  10. If you are farming ships as fast as you can you'll be summoning battleships quicker so how do you keep the battleship level down? you'll have to ignore it constantly.

  11. Very informative video, thank you for making this

    One important question however, do you know if gas gain is also reduced during battle/mothership fights?

  12. hey I took your advice and it's really work thanks man for doing this for the game I love the game and your video q&a is good for fun

  13. hi, good job on this one. btw lets share weird achievement and how to get it. the most random achievement i get is tapping the girl breast and stomach each for 200 then 1000 times, there might be more but my finger kinda sore atm.

  14. This definitely taught me a few things I had no idea about. The coupons I knew about but I completely forgot about the skills.

  15. Please check out the official Facebook for the latest updates
    If you have any other questions about the game, feel free to ask!

  16. Woohoo I got first in both reviews! Jupiter best girl!

    Also I feel like Myst should officially sponsor you for Planet Master since the facebook isn't enough for fans and newcomers.


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