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Retail pool stores are still a great place to find hands on one on one help with all of your pool care needs. In 1988 when I started in the business I worked for a local pool store and learned the ropes of pool service. I spend some time talking to Bob Slaughter from Pinch A Penny and we discuss some aspects of their franchise pool stores.
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Although I am a big proponent of getting help online for your pool care needs, there is still a definite place for the brick and mortar pool stores. Not only are you supporting your local business by shopping in a pool retail store, but you are keeping a vital link between the pool manufacturers and the consumer open. Many manufacturers makes retail only specific products and will also give you an extended warranty of you purchase from a pool store verses purchasing online. From the beginning of the pool industry, manufacturers have used retail pool stores to showcase their products. Liken it to Best Buy with electronics. You cannot go into a Walmart and find the same level of products at your fingertips that Best Buy stocks. The Same goes with the local retail pool store which can stock many more pool products then a Home Depot or Walmart.

This allows manufacturers to make a wide variety of products for the consumer. Retail pool stores stock products so manufacturers can produce more and continue to refine their products making them better and better each year. The sheer variety of products is tied directly to the retail pool store and this helps you as a consumer overall. With more products there is more competition and the prices will stay competitive. This also allows you to choose the best product for your needs.

There is nothing wrong with shopping online and I think there is a place for both online pool stores and retail pool stores. With a retail pool store you can walk in and have the product in your hands the same day. This is important if you are trying to get your pool balanced or want to put in a new pool pump for an upcoming party. You can also have your pool chemistry tested in a retail pool store as well as have your pool motor and salt cell tested. This can save you money in the long run, instead of replacing a motor that may still be functioning, the pool store can test it and even rebuilt it for you.

Here is some more about Pinch A penny:
Pinch A Penny Pool Patio Spa is America’s Largest Franchised Retail Pool Supply and Service Company.
Pinch A Penny’s direction is quite simple. We strive to be unrivaled in providing value, quality, and service to our customers. That’s why we’re now over 230 stores strong and growing. It’s also because our swimming pool expertise is something you can count on to keep your pool and spa its healthiest and your family its happiest.
In fact, Pinch A Penny stores are all staffed with fully-trained experts. We have more Certified Pool Operators than any other company and our continuing education programs are unparalleled. Why trust your swimming pool or spa to anyone else? Only Pinch A Penny gives you the answers, tools, and products you need to make your pool care routine go swimmingly.
Since opening its first store in 1975, Pinch A Penny has become the largest franchised retail pool, patio and spa company. A family-owned business, Pinch A Penny began with the Thomas family opening a discount store within an industrial park in Clearwater, Florida. This first store evolved into a full-time, full-service retail pool supply store offering everything needed to operate and enjoy a swimming pool or spa. Pinch A Penny carries a wide variety of products such as chemicals, equipment, patio furniture, giftware, toys and floats.
Pinch A Penny began issuing franchises in 1976, always promoting its “family-owned” culture. Today, Pinch A Penny is over 230 stores strong and growing and provides virtually every product needed to help you enjoy a pool or spa to its fullest.
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