Month: August 2019

Aidan’s Story

Aidan’s Story It’s been a while, but I wanted to update and give the details on the birth of our son, Aidan. During an elective ultrasound at 34 weeks, we discovered that Aidan was breech. This was a huge surprise for all of us. Our surrogate Aimee had all of her four children vaginally, and dealing with a breech birth, … Read More

College Prep Giveaway: State Necklaces

College Prep Giveaway: State Necklaces I was thinking the other day that I’d really like a California necklace to sport during my year in Reno. Luckily College Prep just popped up with a giveaway from Alter Designs where you can win a free state necklace! Then I started thinking, I was born in Minnesota, lived in Connecticut, moved to California … Read More