#1339 Centuri VANGUARD Arcade Video Game, Game Play & History! TNT Amusements


Centuri released VANGUARD at the height of Arcade Video Game popularity and it enjoyed a reasonably good run in the arcades. Todd Tuckey takes yuou inside the machine also, and shows you the PCB board along with a tip if your machine has no speech!. Of course, there is the usual shop talk and upcoming games shown too!
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  1. 12:41 in the video. That is Queen's ("Hawkmen vs Ajax") score from Flash Gordon. It was funny to be in an arcade that had this, and the Flash pinball game, playing at the same time.

  2. Just got my hands on a Vanguard machine, but it seems to have sync issues, anything you can suggest I should be looking at ?

  3. well mr tuckey you are right, your darling wife will be selling route 16 after you die but it will be before you go cold. remember that, bless her soul ,shes had to put up with all your shinanagins and its left her without a pot to piss in

  4. I love how you ignore your workers when they try to disturb your show…..are they jealous that only you count for the audience?

  5. My playing Vanguard in a diaper:

  6. I found a Centuri cabinet on ebay for $50 that had been converted to a Great 1000 Mile Rally (no pcb). While restoring the cabinet I discovered it was originally a Route 16. As Vanguard was one of my favorites from back in the day, I bought a marquee and had ebay notify me when a Vanguard control panel went on sale. It took a few months, and cost more than the cabinet ($75), but I have my Vanguard cabinet.

  7. Todd, Would you please create YouTube "playlists" for "50s Pinball", "60s Pinball", "70s Pinball", "80s Pinball", etc. and assign your videos to the relevant playlist? That way, we can easily find pins from a particular era. This could be a project for an intern or someone with no pinball knowledge because they could simply look up the dates for each machine in the online pin database.

  8. I like watching your videos and you talk about how they work. I’m in 3rd grade and my dad helped me build an arcade. We watch your videos every time they come out. He says he wants to save up for a pinball machine.

  9. Not only was there music from Star Trek, but when you hit the "Energy" sections that make you invincible, that music is the attack music from Flash Gordon, the movie from the 80's.

  10. Johns ok but he's not as cool as you Todd. Once I heard him say something derogatory about Xenon and then he got on my naughty list! ^_^

  11. This is a nicely balanced video this one, but only because Rob wasn't involved in the main story of this video (Vanguard), LOL !
    Changed my thumbs down to a thumbs up for that 😛
    Love the Centuri games, as they're easy to change the voltage to suit different counties 🙂


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