10 Most Realistic Sniper Games Ever Created


I’ve put together a list of the greatest and most realistic sniper games you sniper fans will love.

► Cheapest place to buy these games:

★ Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

★ Sniper Elite 4

★ Battlefield 1

★ Hitman

★ Arma

★ Sniper Elite Zombie

★ Insurgency

★ Far Cry 4

★ Grand Theft Auto

★ Sniper Fury

★ Squad

I’m a massive fan of sniper games, so I hope you enjoy this list I put together. I really enjoyed making it.

If I missed any of your favorite sniping games then please put them in the comments and I’ll add them to the description.

My personal best games on the list are Insurgency, Squad, Sniper Elite and Hitman, what’s yours?

I did an article on this video about the best sniper games, it’s always updated so be sure to check it out:

Have an awesome day.

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  1. What good game do i get for ps4 if i want a sniper only game..im not into the running around first person shooter like COD…i like sneaking around and sniping long range

  2. I wish they would make a sniper game that focused more on the mission side of things and has you surviving in the field slowly making progress into enemy territory to get a single kill, Then having to escape undetected I would happily spend hours doing that perhaps even make it so missions last a few days like they really would.

  3. After playing many games, training in airsoft battles, watching tutorials on snipers I can say that ARMA 3 Is the best game ever made.


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