⌚How I turned a watch into a Game Boy!


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Where to buy the Kospet Hope:

Where to buy the 8bitdo Bluetooth Zero controller:

📷My gear:

DX Racer RV131 chair

Canon 70D

24mm lense

Video Mic Pro

Canon G7X Mark II

Canon M50

Parrot Teleprompter 2


– Great, affordable Bluetooth headphones

– Excellent pure Android experience on a budget smartphone

– Must-have Bluetooth controller for emulation on a cellphone!

– Amazfit Bip, an unbeatably affordable smart watch

– Amazfit Stratos, my smartwatch of choice:

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  1. I did this setup but with a Lemfo LEM T. And boy is it perfect

    The 2.86 inch SQUARE display makes it a much better setup than the round Kospet watch you have there. The design and size of the display makes it so much better to use for emulation, plus I can comfortably use the virtual buttons on it. 😁 Not to mention it's got a 2700 mah battery so i usually get a few days use out of gaming from it. So far it's the best watch I've seen for emulation.

    You should do an update video for this watch-emulation idea with the watch I got. Cheers man 😀

  2. No izzy. You're missing the true power.
    You map the dpad so it can be played while holding the zero 2 vertically, so you only need the arm that holds the watch while playing pokémon… on the go.

  3. Shit like this is why Im trying to figure out how to turn a motor into a winding generator that outputs 5v into a battery pack so I can play my mini systems and such on it while camping. Screw killing the car battery when you got small systems like this able to play on small batteries lol

  4. The main reason I didnt get a round smartwatch or want a round smartwatch is because I knew I was going to have gameboy games on my watch. It's one of the top apps. I've loved the idea since I first laid eyes on the tiger double dragon watch. I have the same tiny 8bitdo controller too except in blue love it.

  5. I remember convincing my parents that I was afraid of the dark just so they would leave the hallway light on just so I would able to play pokemon on my gameboy color 😁😎

  6. Don't worry izzy I have an even stupider idea, using the remote play app(there is another app that works perfectly) and playing with your ps4 on the watch

  7. if you could find a mini wiimote style controller, you could play those types of games with a single hand and have the weatch on the other wrist

  8. Came here expecting an actual miniaturization of a gameboy in a watch, shame it's a smartwatch, thus only possible solution I see is running an emulator on it…


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